Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joy of sprinting, ah, winning.

Yesterday I ran the 100 meter, 400 meter, and 200 meter races, in that order. I happened to win all three, which was not a given. I was asked why I participate in these events. I mentioned that it is such a great feeling when you can run at your best, with no pain and no gasping. By pain, I mean burning quads. And by gasping I mean a severe oxygen deficit. Gasping after crossing the finish line is okay, but not while trying to get to that line!

Yesterday my breathing was so much better. I ran the 400m at an even pace until the last curve when I picked it up and went all out to the end. No pain. And though breathing hard, the oxygen was getting where it needed. Zounds. What a feeling! I hardly recognized it.

I ran a 400m in April and not only did the quads burn but the breathing was the pits.(Exercise induced asthma is the problem.) I just edged out the man I was competing against, after being about 55 meters behind as I rounded the last turn. Great joy.

Did I say I wanted to stop running after rounding the first curve? I was out of gas even then!

Back to yesterday. What I did not mention to the reporter was the absolute joy of overtaking and passing someone (maybe winning, maybe not. In this case, winning.) Or the joy of getting out in front at the git go and keeping the lead to the end. Who doesn't like to win? But when you can surpass your own expectations and beat someone you had no expectation of coming near (because the last time you raced with them, they were totally out of reach), well that's exhilarating.

Down right joyous making. Maybe it is all about meeting or exceeding your own expectations.

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