Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Lunar Trainers

With the accumulated gift cards I had, I bought a pair of NIKE LUNAR TRAINER shoes. These are much lighter than the New Balance shoes I have been running in. In my case "running" when talking more than 400m, means jogging interspersed with walking. I have tried them twice and so far, so good. Going to a good running store sure helps in making sure one gets the correct sized shoe. It turns out that I have been running in some that were a bit short in toe, but not enough to cause any problems. Now that I have run about 4 miles in them, I shall go back to my NB shoes for all normal runs and reserve the Lunars for events.

So - will I run the next 5K any faster? Not likely, but I might feel less effort in my snail's pace. And it will sure help in the half marathon coming up in a few weeks. For which I am not prepared. That's not bragging, it is a statement about lacking the stamina to do any serious distance training. I just am not a distance runner. I'm a sprinter. Some year soon, I shall forego these distance events and probably this second half marathon will be my last.

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