Sunday, March 22, 2009

3/19 5K fun cross country run #2

Same course as last week, only muddier. 6P.M. or so. Lots of rain in the preceding days, with one nice day before the run. Rain threatened, and it was a bit warmer than last week. 41 people came out and all of us were skirting or hopping over the muddy areas. I found that I was not as fast, er, rather, I was slower than slow. I did not seem to have the same energy as last week and I attribute it to maybe having been at the gym the day before. It couldn't be the pseudo softball game earlier in the day.

Even though not as energetic, I still enjoyed the outing. At the end, coming up the muddy trail and then eventually onto the field for the semi circle trot around to the end, the wind really picked up and a few rain drops fell, preceding the forthcoming storm. It's hard enough going up the hill for me -- and that field -- ugh. Add the wind and it was a drag oneself to the end event. My time was about 33 minutes.

And the folks are great. Real runners that they are, nonetheless they tolerate and encourage the old crone.

It looks like rain is forecast for this coming Thursday. If so, I may not do run #3 because Saturday brings the Half Marathon for which I need all my energy. I have run a Half after running a 5K the day before, but for crones, that is not smart. So an excuse not to do the XC, even though I really enjoy it, will keep me home.

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