Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Run for Our Heroes (late posting)

April 25, 2009. 9 a.m. This was the inaugural running of this event, run in honor of the 8, dating to 1922, fallen Raleigh officers. It was run as part of the Police Unity Tour and benefitted National Law Enforcement Officers memorial Fund. A memorial ceremony began the event. Prior to the race, Raleigh PD cadets in training did calisthenics in preparation for running, in formation, the 5K race.

Participating in these events is a surefire way to observe the changes going on in downtown Raleigh. A new parking deck near corner of Martin, an office or condo building under construction on Dawson, and another building off of Fayetteville being torn down.

from the course description at Run For Our Heroes
(the site is worth a visit. Great photos, especially of the start.)

The course starts near the Raleigh Police Department on Dawson St. just north of Hargett St., proceeds up Fayetteville St., and around the State Capitol, continues past Peace College and the Halifax Court area, continues past the Governor’s mansion, and then back into the downtown area where the race finishes in front of the Police Memorial on Hargett St. The course is mostly flat with only a few inclines and no major hills.

But long inclines!

We lined up on Dawson by Nash Square Park on a sunny morning. 80 degrees, low humidity. I looked ahead to see an uphill following the downhill start. There is nowhere, it seems, in Raleigh to not find or run a hill! I placed myself towards the middle-back of the pack. The RPD cadets lined up at the back. So, off we start. down Dawson then up to a right turn onto Davie and uphill to Fayetteville St. Somewhat steep. Then flat towards the Capital, around it and onto Wilmington, which is a gradual uphill. I managed to jog until the second water stop. Hearing the cadets in cadence behind me, and having runners close behind with no room to move over (parked cars) was incentive enough to keep moving longer and quicker than I otherwise might have.

There were spectators here and there. The course traverses business and residential and is a nice mix. The return route down Blount St. had a few inclines but was mostly flat. Nonetheless, I had almost nothing left at the end and only managed a short 3/4 effort sprint at the end. This, for me, was a tough course. Another runner, younger male, commented that it was all up with no down! I finished 220 out of 315 (runners) at 31.36 The median finish time was 28.25.

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