Monday, January 26, 2015

Train, slow up, cut back on gorging food

Two weeks to go before the Southeastern Region Masters Indoor Meet.  At the track on Sunday, it was maybe 37 degrees.  I warmed up with pseudo lunges -- my knees don't bend that well -- high knees, butt kicks, and a slow traverse of the track.  The plan was for 5x400 with interspersing walk 400m.  The first two were a bust.  Halfway around and I was walking.  Partial quad wipeout, partial breathing.  Result: 2:24 or so for the 400m.  I am really feeling like an ancient, these days.  I wised up a little on the last three attempts by slowing up my pace, managing to get to the finish line, without walking, in 2:02 - 2:04. Nonetheless, it was an effort!   To think -- last year I was able to do 400ms one after another (no interspersing walk) with a minute break between.  Not fast, but at least completed.

Next, I tried the 200m.  The first two attempts were hard, but I got there.  The third was a total failure. I dropped to a walk halfway, thinking no way and just bag it.

Next the 100m, but this time I decided on an 80% effort right off the bat. (One would think I had been doing that, or 50% effort in the earlier distances, based on my times, but sad to say, nope.  I was going as "fast:" as I could.  "Fast" is a relative term -- faster than a snail -- or faster than a New Mexico roadrunner?)  I did three 100m at about 80%, averaging about 22-23 seconds.

And that was it for Sunday.  Not a long or exhausting (except the 400s!) workout but all I wanted to do.  The 400s are so discouraging that it seems as if there is no point being out there, at times.  

This morning, at CG, this being Metabolic Conditioning week, by the time I got to the sprint out and back (touching the ground at each end) for four minutes, I found that after the fourth time I was slowing up and huffing and puffing. By number eight I walked part of the way out, dragging back.  I managed ten and a half by time end.  Then, it was on to the other joy: suicides! (Run out to a cone and back, then out to the next cone and back, etc)  Talk about slow grind to a halt.  I had nothing in the tank.

Time to add a lot more protein - meat -- rocket fuel to my diet!  Protein shakes five mornings a week get tiring.

At least I can go out and do some kind of running training.  Not so for the folks along the NE coast for the next week.   It will be beautiful.  To be enjoyed from a warm room looking out.


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