Thursday, March 19, 2015

Here it comes -- USATF Masters Indoor Nationals at JDL!

Tomorrow it begins.  The only thing I am pretty sure of is that I will be blown away in the 400m and probably in the 200m, as well.  And so it goes.  The real question is -- can I at least equal my time from February's SouthEast Region Masters?  Equal would be nice.

My one track practice since February was last week and it was pitiful.  It started with a twinge in one hamstring (but I managed to get that worked out).  Seemed like the only way I could get around in the 400 was to run / trot slowly.  Afterwards my legs ached.

Should be fun nonetheless. I will just be relieved when the 400 is over.  Strong competitors may make me gasp and really drag at the end.  The 200m will be fun, at least. I always feel as if I am at least running!   In the 60m, I suspect I will be playing catch up with my less than stellar non-block start. (usually last to get going.)  

It will be good seeing the other competitors and socializing a little.  I will also be volunteering on Friday. 

Our stellar track announcer, Peter Taylor, will be back at it again, making it exciting for all.  He will be the good looking svelte fellow at the table in the inner circle near the Finish line.  

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