Monday, June 15, 2015

Powerade State Games NC -- Open runners fly!

May 31, 2015 the Powerade State Games of North Carolina held their Open and Masters competitions in Durham.  The last time I competed in the Powerade Games they were in Charlotte and the day was incredibly hot with almost no shade.  Well, 2015 was a repeat, but I found shade in the shadow of a Powerade banner attached to the fence near the high jump area.  It was 88°F and dry.

The high jumpers were entertaining, in both feats and landings.

Graceful in jump. Head plant on landing.


Overall, there seemed to be few women competitors.  I watched two young women 100m hurdlers, compete in a heat with some young men. One seemed to be all legs and they were fast down the track.  Kendra Newton, 27, finished in 13.27 and 29-year-old Kayla Smith in 14.22.   Fewer than twenty-three women competed in the track events, many of whom were in multiple track events.  Similarly in the field events, many competed in multiple disciplines.  At a guess, there were less than nineteen women. 

Kendra Newton also ran the 200m along with 21 year old Annastasia Scott.  The 200m was the last track event except for the relays.  While awaiting our 200m event, Annastasia said that it was so hot that even her feet, in track shoes, were burning.  Only four women ran the 200m, two of us more than seniors.  Running from behind, I could see that the two young women were running a very tight race. Not until I saw the results did I know that Annastasia won in 23.95, with Kendra coming in at 25.69.  Another Scott, Anna, won the earlier 100m in 11.52 and the 400m in 57.82. A good day for those with surname Scott. Also running the 400m, was Tanisha Turner, 27, competing in one of her first events. Her running outfit was unique: a colorful, one piece, open back, bathing suit. She was swift, finishing in 59.83.

I watched the men's 400m and one young man caught my camera's eye right at the start. I wish I'd gotten his name (number would not help since the results don't list bib number and some of these events mixed ages) One heat was just three in their early twenties.  I think the photo is of the winner, 20-year-old Jamaican, Campbell Univ.,  Lennox Wiliams, at the start and near the finish.  He was eyeball fast! 48.73.


cruising to Finish

In the more distant events, an impressive race was run in the 800m by Ericka Charles, 26.  She led all the way, coming in at 2:13.79, followed by 32-year-old Tamika Newsome, 2:42.89.  Another 800m runner was seventy-nine year-old, one day away from turning eighty, Martha Klopfer. Martha is a distance runner but was feeling the heat this day.  Nonetheless, she finished in a great time of 4:53.91. Jay Smith, 66, won his 800m in 2:58.04.

Anne Sluder, 42, from Carolinas Track Club competed in the high jump, 80m hurdles (12.94) and 400m hurdles, (1:11.86). She also did both the high jump (1.55m) and long jump (4.99m). Regina Richardson, 50, Atlanta Track Club competed in many of the same events: long jump (4:45m), triple jump (9:53m), 80m hurdles (13.92).

Anne Sluder approaching hurdle near Finish

I missed watching the men’s 100m but I did see the M40-49 4x100 relay, won by team Jump Stars “A”.  The fellow running anchor ran a blazing fast 100m. He was wearing all white and was incredibly fast. The team’s time was 42.70.  The anchor was 19 year-old Shannon Patterson, who also ran the 100m in 10.86 and the 200m in 21.72. 

4x100 relay team after exchange back stretch

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