Friday, October 2, 2015

Oktoberfest Run Green 8K

To say it was hot and humid hardly covers it. I looked at the costumes of some of the running folks: lederhosen, velvet vest covered blouses and waist hugging sashes and knew they would be having regrets after just one block.  Saturday September 19th was not a pleasant, sit outside, and drink mimosa kind of day – unless one does not mind dripping into one’s drink (OTH, a lemon drop shot – and you might not care!)

But this was Oktoberfest and these are hardy excited folk.  Some were serious about this race, others, like me, just came out for a fun time.  Watching folks in colorful German-Austrian costumes is always fun.  One fellow abandoned his shirt but, fortunately, kept the lederhosen.  There were runners who got their buzz on before the race, hydrating on beer carbs, while most of us searched out and socialized with pals.  I found my Nog Run Club group and yakked. No warming up for a fun race.

early beer ID verification queue -- got much longer

I moved to the back of the pack, just in front of some who planned to walk, and, as it turns out, right by a lady in the same 65+ AG as me, who remembered me from last year. 

Not to worry, says, I – I don’t plan on much running, I’ll be taking photos.  What I did not tell her was that I did not feel like running at all.  Earlier in the day, I was quite a mass of ache, but after a few sessions with the roller and an Ibuprofen, my aches were gone.  However, I still lacked energy and therefore enthusiasm.    But then the race started.

I enjoyed shuffling to the mat.  Once beyond the mat, movement picked up as folks surged ahead, opening space behind.

 I trotted down Blount St then followed the pack left around the corner then left again onto Person St.  As I went along, my energy picked up.  I would trot at a decent pace and then, of course, walk for a bit. I saw my pals.  I would pass and then eventually be passed.  I attempted a few photos of the crowd ahead.  Not being as adept at this as Shannon Johnstone (of Landfill Dogs fame) - who can take amazing photos without even  looking at the screen, I got a few of the pavement behind or of the sky when trying for something of interest to the side.   The one good shot I got resulted from running ahead, stopping, and then waiting for my prey  (a running pal) to come into view.  This was not so easy since people were streaming by.  I was afraid I would miss her.  When I did see her, it was hurry up, focus, and snap before she was gone. (turned out to be a terrific photo of her)  The rest of the photos I took while on course were taken while moving but at a slow speed.  

Oakwood cemetery

run fast past here!

on the move -- passing 3-mile marker

I still had energy and now attribute it to listening to music – something I never do.  It perhaps both distracted and motivated.

I stopped at both water stops, gratefully!  I drank about half of the cup and poured the rest down my back.  It helped.  Later, I heard of folks who poured the whole thing on their body.  I felt the heat, but it was tolerable – especially after dousing with water. Oh, yes, the heat: at 3 p.m., race start, was 85°F with a dew point of 63° (a dew point >60 is uncomfortable) and by 4 p.m. it was 87°F with 61°F dew point.)  I expect that many of the folks I saw walking were doing so because the heat got them.  I was feeling the effort when we veered onto Watauga St and ran an uphill incline. Walk time.  A little bit of energy returned on Franklin and when we turned onto Person, I was happy to be on the way back.  When we got close to Moore Square I dragged, because I knew there were still two or three more blocks to go before the turn onto South St and then back onto Blount to the finish.  Truthfully – I flagged on Blount.  Barely above a walk.  Until the ending block where I began to run and ended up in a full out sprint with another lady to the Finish.  Now, that part was glorious!

sweat wet Garmin -- 5.03 miles; 53:45.  official time 53:41.

Winning times for those who want to know: Brian Basilli (23) in 26:52.387 and Dominique Stasulli (24) in 32:02.313. Hey – their last names rhyme! 

I managed to drink the whole gratis Bond Brothers Golden Ale beer while enjoying the costume, beer stein holding, brat eating and limbo contests. (the winner of the male limbo was amazingly flexible!)   You can’t beat the Nog Run Club signature events (Oktoberfest 8K, St. Paddy’s 8K ) for full out fun!

women's costume contest

Allison -- 4X winner of brat eating contest

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