Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Grinding to a halt - almost - in Camp Gladiator!

January 29th. Survived the last day of this week's Camp Gladiator Metabolic Conditioning week. Today - a killer! The temperature at 6 a.m. was about 30 degrees F.  Our trainer, starts us off outside - first: 50 butt kicks then run, four times, the length of a parking lot aisle, around far end and back.  (Awful! I kept a moderate pace because I knew I would not finish without walking if I didn't.  I really struggled not to walk.)  Our break was just long enough for him to tell us our next set of exercises: 50 butt kicks then 50 jumping jacks, then run the parking lot aisle lap 3 times (REALLY wanted to walk on the 3rd lap.) Next up  - 50 butt kicks plus 50 jumping jacks plus 50 high knees (ugh.  I am the worst at high knees. Mine tend to be low knees.) then, of course, run the loop twice. (Managed this one better) 

Lastly, 50 butt kicks + 50 jumping jacks + 50 high knees + ?? I think there was another (50 squat jumps?) -- i forget or maybe did not do them? The mind is so jarred from all the vibration. Then run the loop full out. Suddenly, I could run - not winded, legs okay. It felt great -- not to be gasping; no achy legs.  Loved it. I felt as if I was really moving. (It had to be the early morning beet slice kicking in!)

But then, we came inside and it was hell from there on - exercises and short sprints. Legs finally ground down, then the breathing gave out. The last few sprints were barely jogs, with a few walks thrown in there. Yea for the end of Metcon week!.

Today, February 10th, mid-week of Camp Gladiator Endurance week (after a week off) was another, oh, my, gosh!, Today, the number 80 was endemic.  Eighty this and eighty that then into another room and do eighty wall jumps (jump high and touch wall) then eighty high knees (they just LOVE high knees). Follow this with a run upstairs and around the approximate 80m track eight times, down the stairs, into another room and do eighty weighted jumping jacks. I chose the 10-pound weight until my trainer said uh uh -- so I got the 12-pound weight (just one!) and struggled through that.  Then it was repeat what we had just done. This time on the track, it took all I had and the fact that others were running laps (some starting before me and some after) to not give up and walk.  I was ready to walk by lap four. The first iteration of these eight laps I had sprinted at the very end.  This time? Slo-Mo straggle at the end. On the third iteration of all this, I enter the room to do the wall jumps and high knees and said to the other trainer -- Seriously? Are we still doing 80 of each? He looked astonished and laughed.  No. It seems I should have dropped twenty off of each exercise and two off the lap count each time we repeated the circuit!  So, last time I should have done sixty of each exercise and six laps on the second iteration, then forty on this third iteration. No wonder my FitBit heart rate after the second eight laps was 141! 

While walking the dog later, I realized that it was only because of the other campers that I managed to complete those laps without walking or stopping.  Granted, I got slower on that second time around and the third (only had to do four laps) I was grinding down. But had I been on my own, I would not have run all eight at any point. Just like when I go to the track alone and bail on the 400m (might make 200m before walking, sometimes a little more but mostly nada.) Anything over 200m is a struggle and not pleasant at all.  Even 150m can be a problem at times.  So, running with others or working out with others is my saving grace.

And two more days of Endurance week to go.  Next week is Functional Movement Week - also known as awkward movement week..

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